I had been saving scraps for our eventual compost pile.  We didn’t want to over-tech it, just a pile and a pitch fork maybe. Until recently, we didn’t even know where it was going to go.

I found organic compost starter at our local hardware store and the weather is good.  What inspiration to start decomposing!  We decided on our spot and started with a pile of grass clippings. I added dry pine needles I have been clearing off the hill. Making a bowl to contain my collected kitchen scraps, I added a grocery bag of egg shells and walked away.

Later that day I came back around the corner and saw this.  I started laughing at myself.  A Robin couple, who have been following me all day, chasing the bugs I’ve been unearthing, perched on the edge of the nest at one point and completed the picture.  I thanked them, and feel grateful for the image of borning life.

Small Re-mind-ers

This post is dedicated to all those seemingly small efforts out there, and those that started small and grew, messages that bring back to mind what we have forgotten.


Shel Silverstein Forever Stamps

… to the US Postal Service for honoring Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree. This short yet long story tells one story of the relationship we have with plants.

We humans are infants compared to the wise ones that seeded this earth with oxygen, developed a neural net, survived catastrophic events, and still show unappreciated compassion for animal beings and the ignorance of humans who left. We are returning however, in hopes to be welcomed back to the world of true Beings.

Rooted Network

For many of us, rain forest devastation is overwhelming. Thank you to these organizations that list the small ways any person on earth can help make make a difference to heal the forests:

Rain Forests Mongabay

Rain Forest Foundation


Vision of Earth

Children’s Voices

Never under estimate the wisdom of children. I willingly surrender to their re-minders.

Oceanic Efforts

Read about Danni Washington here

I love pictures, so this one is a lovely primer: Oceanology

For the rest of us who are still mystified by our salty mother:

Oceans for Dummies

Idiot’s Guide to Oceans

And another Kudos to those organizations that organize people to make a difference:

Ocean Conservancy


Heal the Ocean



The Secret Life of Plants Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird

and here is an old video from around the same period in time:

Oryngham means thank you for listening in the language of the plants. It is not a word, as we humans understand it, because its meaning cannot be spoken—nor can it be heard. However, we can experience it by feeling with our bodies and listening to what our ears cannot hear. When we learn to listen to plants without the need to hear them speak, a language that we have forgotten emerges; it is a language beyond words, one that does not wander or pretend or mislead. It is a language that conveys its rich and meaningful expression by bypassing the household of our mind and directly connecting one spirit to another.

Monica Gagliano, PhD

Thus Spoke the Plant Monica Gagliano, PhD

A journey by one scientist who overnight perceived the soulfulness of another living creature, and was taken further into that knowing by the plant beings.

Braiding Sweetgrass Robin Wall Kimmer

Please read this beautiful summary in The Marginalian of some voices that came before and after

Here are some other tree-friendly reviews from The Marginalian:

The Hidden Life of Trees

Finding the Mother Tree Suzanne Simard

Another journey of a person awakening to the realization we sentient beings, called humans, are not alone.

Planet Ocean
In the Minds of Plants
The Magical Forest

Here is the trailer.

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(Dec 14 2021)

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the forest library a list of journal and social .media articles. (Note: as of 12/29/21 this site is temporarily off line)

Global Wellness Institute is a portal to additional databases, Cochrane and TRIP.

Amazonian Tree Flora a database for identification and mapping of tree species in the Amazon

What would a deer do?

I do not know why I identify with a deer in situations that pose a quandary. Perhaps it is my projection onto deer-folk, that they are discerning, gentle, will seek a safe location before making any major decisions. Generally, they pretty much don’t want to hurt anyone, and look out for their family. Foraging and traveling – eating and visiting places in nature…

So yes, I get it. Maybe that is a life I seek, one like a deer, which means, maybe I want to make some life decisions – as a deer would do. so here is just a projection, a guess if I were a dear, what would I do

  1. Look up at what caught my attention. Does it involved me or my family? No? Continue grazing.
  2. Am I hungry? Find food.
  3. Look up at what caught my attention. Am I scared? Find a location where I am safe, slowly to not attract attention, or quickly because I sense it’s right there.
  4. Am I tired, pregnant, cold? Curl up in my secret place and take care of myself.
  5. Is something attracting me? Go to it.
  6. Is something repulsing me? Stay away from it.

You get the picture.

What is your favorite animal, an animal you identify with?

What are the qualities of this animal you admire?

Shinrin Yoku

Here are a variety of studies showing the health benefits of “forest bathing” My personal guess is based on how more and more research is revealing the interactive nature of our emotional, physical and mental and social health, these studies span out in many different directions beyond relief from heart, digestive, immune system troubles and cancers.

Keep an eye out for more information about the benefits of remembering you who truly are.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com