I had been saving scraps for our eventual compost pile.  We didn’t want to over-tech it, just a pile and a pitch fork maybe. Until recently, we didn’t even know where it was going to go.

I found organic compost starter at our local hardware store and the weather is good.  What inspiration to start decomposing!  We decided on our spot and started with a pile of grass clippings. I added dry pine needles I have been clearing off the hill. Making a bowl to contain my collected kitchen scraps, I added a grocery bag of egg shells and walked away.

Later that day I came back around the corner and saw this.  I started laughing at myself.  A Robin couple, who have been following me all day, chasing the bugs I’ve been unearthing, perched on the edge of the nest at one point and completed the picture.  I thanked them, and feel grateful for the image of borning life.

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