Small Re-mind-ers

This post is dedicated to all those seemingly small efforts out there, and those that started small and grew, messages that bring back to mind what we have forgotten.


Shel Silverstein Forever Stamps

… to the US Postal Service for honoring Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree. This short yet long story tells one story of the relationship we have with plants.

We humans are infants compared to the wise ones that seeded this earth with oxygen, developed a neural net, survived catastrophic events, and still show unappreciated compassion for animal beings and the ignorance of humans who left. We are returning however, in hopes to be welcomed back to the world of true Beings.

Rooted Network

For many of us, rain forest devastation is overwhelming. Thank you to these organizations that list the small ways any person on earth can help make make a difference to heal the forests:

Rain Forests Mongabay

Rain Forest Foundation


Vision of Earth

Children’s Voices

Never under estimate the wisdom of children. I willingly surrender to their re-minders.

Oceanic Efforts

Read about Danni Washington here

I love pictures, so this one is a lovely primer: Oceanology

For the rest of us who are still mystified by our salty mother:

Oceans for Dummies

Idiot’s Guide to Oceans

And another Kudos to those organizations that organize people to make a difference:

Ocean Conservancy


Heal the Ocean


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