What would a deer do?

I do not know why I identify with a deer in situations that pose a quandary. Perhaps it is my projection onto deer-folk, that they are discerning, gentle, will seek a safe location before making any major decisions. Generally, they pretty much don’t want to hurt anyone, and look out for their family. Foraging and traveling – eating and visiting places in nature…

So yes, I get it. Maybe that is a life I seek, one like a deer, which means, maybe I want to make some life decisions – as a deer would do. so here is just a projection, a guess if I were a dear, what would I do

  1. Look up at what caught my attention. Does it involved me or my family? No? Continue grazing.
  2. Am I hungry? Find food.
  3. Look up at what caught my attention. Am I scared? Find a location where I am safe, slowly to not attract attention, or quickly because I sense it’s right there.
  4. Am I tired, pregnant, cold? Curl up in my secret place and take care of myself.
  5. Is something attracting me? Go to it.
  6. Is something repulsing me? Stay away from it.

You get the picture.

What is your favorite animal, an animal you identify with?

What are the qualities of this animal you admire?

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