Take a walk with Nature

Heard of nature or forest therapy walks?

Nature Sojourns is a walk in nature,
guided by a trained professional in
nature and forest therapy.

Of Shinrin Yoku

Nature and Forest Therapy walks are inspired by the Japanese practice of shinrin yoku – “forest bathing” – developed mid 20th century in response to the emergent techno-centric life.

Highlighted Research

Effects of forest bathing (shinrin-yoku) on levels of cortisol as a stress biomarker: a systematic review and meta-analysis

This review aims to investigate the effects of forest bathing on levels of salivary or serum cortisol as a stress biomarker…… A total of 971 articles were screened; 22 of them were included in the systematic review and 8 in the meta-analysis. In all but two included studies, cortisol levels ….[read]

Forest bathing enhances human natural killer activity and expression of anti-cancer proteins

In order to explore the effect of forest bathing on human immune function, we investigated natural killer (NK) activity; the number of NK cells, and perforin, granzymes and granulysin-expression in peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) during a visit to forest fields….. Almost all of the subjects (11/12) showed higher NK activity after the trip (about 50 percent increased) compared with before….[read]

How veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder experience nature-based activities in a forest therapy garden

Available evidence shows that an increasing number of soldiers are seeking help for post-traumatic stress disorder. The post-traumatic stress disorder condition has big emotional and psychological consequences for the individual, his/her family and the society. Little research has been done to explore the impact of nature-based therapy for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder although there is a growing amount of evidence pointing towards positive outcome…..[read]

Forest Therapy Alone or with a Guide: Is There a Difference between Self-Guided Forest Therapy and Guided Forest Therapy Programs?

There are generally two types of forest therapy. One is to walk or view the forest alone without a guide, and the other is to be accompanied by a guide. This study aimed to investigate the healing factors and health benefits of self-guided forest therapy and guided forest therapy programs and examine the differences in characteristics between interventions…. [read]

How You Can Participate

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Both in person and virtual walks are scheduled at EventBrite.

Reach Out to Schedule

We can schedule a walk that works with you and your companions. Write me to explore some future dates.

Speak to Your Group

Invite me to speak to your organization, team or classroom. The more than human world is all around us, not just outdoors.


What People Say

Jane is incredible. She has depth, knowledge, and a beautiful soul. Her love and respect for nature is palpable and anybody can feel it. She is the perfect guide, able to create space for you to feel safe and explore your own experience.

Paola F.

What a unique soul….

Rebekah M.

I highly recommend this experience. It provided an wonderful opportunity to connect with an innate part of my understanding about the value of walking in nature and observing/communing with ones surrounding.

Joe W.

Jane is a very peaceful person who wakes you up to nature.

Kathryn G.

Connection with your true self

To design your own visit into nature, let us know of any special needs we can accommodate.

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